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The 4 Stages of Your Loc Journey That You Should Know About

We all know that growing locs can cause some anxiety. Often, we compare our locs to family members, friends and sometimes the internet. For some reason we expect the same or a similar outcome. I can guarantee you the stages you will endure but I can’t guarantee the timing of these stages.

Why Won’t My Hair Dye Work for Grey Coverage

Some of us are starting to see a few strands of grey hair here and there and the panic sits in easily. Let’s start with a little back story about grey hair. Grey hair is a hair strand that no longer produces pigment. The hair strand becomes coarse and in some cases, unruly. They can be difficult to color and simply a pain in the neck.

Baby Hair “Why So Much of It"

This is a very interesting topic for me. So here is the deal. “Baby hair” styling has been around since the 1920’s. Josephine Baker as a flapper girl made this famous. Although, I did read that women were styling their hair like that in Spain and Portugal back in the day. I don’t know much about that so do your own research.