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Chopped the Brand is truly fundamental to the beauty industry. The brand’s identity is a true reflection of what we need in order to capture the true essence of natural hair care. We have forgotten how to properly care for our hair, but in turn, have learned how to cover up the damage.  Our ultimate goal is to offer all cultures the ability to learn and engage with simplicity and ease when it comes to the beauty industry.

At our hair salon, we make sure that you get the services you’re looking for. Whether it’s a standard hair care service or something that will transform your look, we’re always ready for the job.

When searching for a “hair salon near me,” be sure to consider us as we’ll enhance or even transform your look to suit your needs


If you would like to make an appointment or have a questions

Call 301-227-8409, 202-227-8409 (text) or email choppedhairowner@gmail.com

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